CS4550 Web Development - Spring 2014

College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University

This course discusses Web development for sites that are dynamic, data driven, and interactive. Focuses on the software development issues of integrating multiple languages, assorted data technologies, and Web interaction.

Students will create their own web sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, JSON, PHP, and SQL.

Each student will first develop an interactive site in a series of structured assignments. Then students will work individually or in pairs to develop a term project or their own design. Each student or team must also create extensive documentation of their goals, plans, design decisions, accomplishments, and user guidelines.

Students will subscribe to a commercial web hosting company so that they can deal with all aspects of creating and maintaining a website. They will develop and debug their materials on their own machines using, e.g. XAMPP (Linux, Windows, or Mac) or MAMP or MAMP Pro (Mac).

Prereq. CS 3500.

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